Ender 3 V4.2.7 - Issues after updating firmware

Hey guys,

there is a - at least for me - big issue which really drove me crazy in the past.
I recently purchased a V4.2.7 motherboard for upgrading my Ender 3 which originally came with a V1.1.4 motherboard.

When I received the new motherboard, I began upgrading my beloved Ender 3.
With some good wiring schemes the internet helped out a lot and thus that printer was ready to go - as far as I expected.

After I switched on the printer, the screen was illuminated by that usual blue light but without information on the current firmware which then led to that normal status screen where the nozzle’s temperature, the bed’s temperature, and the process is shown. It remained blank.

By digging through the internet there was a person who said that the firmware would be missing and the motherboard would need to be flashed with a firmware.

I have done as the person said and went straight to Creality’s website to download a suitable firmware for an Ender 3 upgraded to V4.2.7.
With that firmware copied to the SD-card I attempted to flash that new mainboard.

After remaining blank for a few seconds, the screen finally showed me the information I wanted to see - I am talking about the nozzle’s temperature and so on.
But there was a problem I experienced which led me to attempt to try flashing the mainboard with firmware from github. (I even tried to compile Marlin myself)

Whenever I pressed the rotary knob, the menu on my Ender would not show up like usual.

Is there a already compiled firmware which has this problem solved?

Your help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you installing [ Ender 3 - v4.2.7 Board - Stock](- Marlin Firmware Service 3 - v4.2.7 Board - Stock/) The firmware is buggy sometimes, but this works on my ender 3 where I upgraded the board. It works fine. I have had no problems.