Ender 5 Plus + BigTreeTech SKR 3 Steppers Locked

Using the Ender 5 Plus + BigTreeTech SKR 3 profile I cannot change the steppers needed for my configuration. This board allows you to buy steppers and plug them in.

Side question: What screen does this configuration use? Is there any way to change it?

Yep - you’re right. I’ve updated this in the DB.

Be aware that this functionality has not been tested at all - so I’m not sure of the outcome. Feedback would be very welcome.

Side question: What screen does this configuration use? Is there any way to change it?

I don’t actually know - I haven’t personally tested any of the Ender 5 bits because I don’t have access to one.

There is actually some information about this on the Configurations page:

Okay, I did experiment with this a bit. In the readme for this configuration it says this:

Marlin DGUS UI Instructions

The stock LCD needs to be flashed with a custom LCD firmware available from Flashing the firmware · Desuuuu/DGUS-reloaded Wiki · GitHub

But unfortunately in the attempts to get this working, the SD slot no longer works so I’m unable to flash new firmware. However, whenever I get a new board I will submit all I can to help you with this configuration.

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Feature Requests:

  // Frivolous Game Options
  //#define MARLIN_SNAKE
  //#define GAMES_EASTER_EGG          // Add extra blank lines above the "Games" sub-menu

These as options to enable the games on Marlin.

#define LCD_LANGUAGE **

 * Select the language to display on the LCD. These languages are available:
 *   en, an, bg, ca, cz, da, de, el, el_CY, es, eu, fi, fr, gl, hr, hu, it,
 *   jp_kana, ko_KR, nl, pl, pt, pt_br, ro, ru, sk, sv, tr, uk, vi, zh_CN, zh_TW

To be given the ability to swap languages on the display.

//#define YHCB2004
//#define LCD_SAINSMART_I2C_1602
//#define LCD_SAINSMART_I2C_2004
//#define U8GLIB_SSD1306
//#define MKS_TS35_V2_0
//#define MKS_ROBIN_TFT24
//#define MKS_ROBIN_TFT28
//#define MKS_ROBIN_TFT32
//#define MKS_ROBIN_TFT35
//#define MKS_ROBIN_TFT43
//#define MKS_ROBIN_TFT_V1_1R
//#define TFT_TRONXY_X5SA
//#define ANYCUBIC_TFT35
//#define LONGER_LK_TFT28
//#define ANET_ET4_TFT28
//#define ANET_ET5_TFT35
//#define BIQU_BX_TFT70
//#define BTT_TFT35_SPI_V1_0

A list of displays I saw. I’m not an expert so I wasn’t sure what the controller section meant. But a section where you can swap it would be nice.

Hi, I got my new board and the SD card slot is working and I’m able to properly flash the firmware again. The bad news is that when I fried my board it took the screen with it. I have ordered a replacement it should be here Thursday hopefully I can make a report by then.

Side note I had tried to build the firmware on the site 3 times all as failures, no error was specified so I can’t list what’s wrong either.

Can you post the assigned builder and the build IDs?

I can take a look at what / why it failed.


I don’t see an area for assigned builder.

Invert X stepper direction

Invert Y stepper direction

Invert Z stepper direction

So testing the configuration and messing with it in Marlin these settings should be enabled.

Build Reference: d089da08
Submit time: 2023-03-19 17:31:00 UTC
Last Change: 2023-03-19 17:31:21 UTC
Current Status: Build Failed!
Builder Allocated: dallas-builder

No errors are showing

Hmmm - it looks like this is the error:

 4427 |     #error "DGUS_LCD_UI RELOADED requires HOME_AFTER_DEACTIVATE to be disabled."

It looks like this seems to be activated by my macro for enabling BLTOUCH support.

I’ve removed this from the BLTOUCH macro - and I’ll look at adding it as a specific safety option within the builder at some point.

I’m being sent across the country from tomorrow for work, so I might not be able to look at it for a little while.