Ender 5 Plus + SKR 3

So I’m fairly new to all of this. I had such confidence in myself to attempt to use the SKR 3 board with the Ender 5 Plus 3D printer. I first started when my original Creality board broke and I needed to replace it with something new due to getting the “Thermal Runaway” error. I replaced the MOSFET and I used the Custom Firmware Builder preset on this site. I noticed the RGB and the BlTouch work but nothing else. I notice the temp on hotend spikes but there’s no indicators. Would appreciate any help I will post a picture of the board shortly.

Maybe check the wiring of your thermistors?

When the unit is idle, do you measure the ambient temperature, or does any of the temp readings show 0. This would be a clue to possible wiring / shorting issues if any of them read 0c.

They just show 0. As far as I’m aware there was nothing wrong with the wiring, it gets 24V. But I might be wrong, again I’m still new to these modifications. What should I try?

I will also be able to send some pictures/videos of it tomorrow if that helps. I’m currently busy at the moment.

I don’t know how to upload videos so here’s a link to a video.

Was messing around with it and I found that I actually got the driver combination wrong for the little black pieces. It was going into the wrong driver mode, now the MOSFET lights up blue but no screen. I cannot firmware update it either, the file extension doesn’t change. So confused why it won’t update.

Well I broke something I just saw this huge puff of smoke come out of it. This project has been nothing but a nightmare.

It doesn’t look like that mainboard has any stepper drivers installed in it…

Did you have the driver modules installed as well?

I don’t know what that is. I thought the black pieces controlled the stepper drivers. I swapped the order and it made it A4988. Ever since I did that the machine had been unresponsive.

For your board, you need something like these to plug into the black and red strips of connectors on the board. They actually send power to the stepper motors. Without them, the board won’t be able to move any axis.

Okay I was wondering why it wasn’t moving. I ordered the part and it should be here Sunday. I’ll report more then. I contacted Creality about my power supply. I appreciate you telling me I would still be trying to mess with everything else first.

Do I need to arrange the jumpers to be for A4988?

“Stepper Drivers are soldered to the board. Unable to change”

Do I use A4988 or TMC2209 because what you sent me I cannot use?