Ender3 v2 I can not believe

My son purchased an Ender3 v2 for me. Due to the fact that I have a cnc and a laser. & I do enjoy them. They seem to be similar but I don’t think they are. I purchased a first cr touch. It all seem easy but I was wrong. I join marlin & yes I don’t care what anyone says you know what you are doing. I feel bad that it’s been months that I haven’t had the printer working. I am missing files for today touch. I have been reading the post and I know that I have to download the latest firmware on a fat 32 8 gb fresh sd in the unit and the display. I read the instructions you gave and I didn’t do it the way you did. Basically start from scratch the only problem I have no idea what firmware to use that has cr touch & I can flash the display.

Hi Dan,

The CR Touch and BLTouch are compatible. As such, you likely want the “Ender 3 V2 - BLTouch” firmware.

The DWIN_SET files are available in the same folder as the firmware. This should cater for both the new and old model screens - just extract the ZIP file to the root of the SD Card.

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