Ender3 v2 Non-MarlinUI BL Touch updates missing

Is there a reason the Ender3 v2 BL Touch is only getting MarlinUI releases recently?
It looks like other models are still getting non-MarlinUI bin files.


Hi mate,

Yeah - the DWIN UI for the Ender 3 v2 is broken at the moment due to some work being done on it.

I’m hoping the builds will be operational again in the near future.

Although if you haven’t checked out the MarlinUI build, while the UI isn’t as pretty, its certainly a lot more functional with Marlin features…

Hi and thanks for the update.
I’ve tried the lastest Marlin firmware and for some reason the printer reboots everytime I start a print.

What’s more annoying is I fitted a run out sensor yesterday and the normal firmware keeps ejecting the filament every 30 seconds, am I missing a step moving to or from Marlin UI? Some sort of secret reset?

I think it’s going to be a long day…

Be careful on how you installed the runout sensor - if the cable is wrong, it can short out causing the printer to reset when the switch is triggered.

The prebuilt nightlies use a motion based sensor - which doesn’t work with the microswitch based sensors.

Ahh, that would be why then, I got a microswitch one.
Thank you!

If anyone can recommend a non-microswitch sensor that would suit the Ender 3 v2 it would be massively appreciated.

Also, I disconnected the microswitch sensor and the printer still reboots when I try to print from the SD card.

Thanks again,

There should be a link on the page for the type of sensor suggested. You can source them from multiple places…

I did check but the AliExpress link is dead when you click on it.

Oddly, it shows up when I add it to the reply below :blush: