Ender3-v2-v427-BLTouch..... heat above 450 C

Hello there.
Is there a option to rebuild/compile Ender3-v2-v427-BLTouch firmware for heat up to 450 and above?

You can use the Firmware Builder to do this - but a word of warning - the stock hotend and associated parts will not work at 450c. You will need to do extensive modifications of the printer to be able to print above 260c.

Thanks CRC… The thing is… i have a subscription on firmware updates, what is good. everything is working nice and error less on the latest update with bl touch mesh etc etc… The thing is… rewriting the bin again with VSC seems to be a long way, because all the changes and adding are made in the update as my likening… the only things what is missing… is the temperature setting… stucked at 260, what already is on max settings with abs on the micro swiss to get a perfect result… I broke down my ender 3 and rebuild in sized up to 600x 600x 600 with a water cooled hotend… but kept with the 32 bit ender motherboard… this off the popularity under mods and users adds… It would have just be nice to have only the temperature fixed option in the already compiled firmweares…

That’s not the only change - the stock thermistor only goes to 285c - meaning you’ll need to change that and define the correct one in firmware. The bed size has changed, so you’ll have to change that also. The PTFE tube will char above 250c, so you’ll need to swap to a direct drive setup. The stock 40w heater probably won’t get to 450c - so you’ll have to upgrade to a 70w heater cartridge - which probably needs an off-board MOSFET due to the extra power draw so you don’t kill the mainboard.

It’s not just ‘increase the temperature’ as you suggest…

None of the YouTubers talk about off board mosfets. I have been trying to get my E3p to print higher temps. Is there a good guide you recommend?