Everything works except X-Y steppers

I have a hybrid printer, which is why I came here for firmware. The frame, steppers, and limit switches are a Longer LK5 Pro. The board is a Creality Ender 3 V2 4.2.2. The extruder is the Sprite Pro. The bed is from an Artillery X1 (AC heat).

I made a custom FW to download here, and it loaded OK. The hotend and bed heated, and I could move the Z-axis. The issue was that neither the X or Y axis would move, it made a buzzing sound, and I got a message the print had been killed, to power it off. On the default Ender 3 V2, the stepper for the Z-axis is reversed, but X and Y are not. I then tried to create a FW with X and Y reversed also, and I got this error:
Marlin/src/module/stepper.cpp:3690:39: error: ‘BABYSTEP_INVERT_Z’ was not declared in this scope

I searched for that error and can’t find it here. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong is appreciated. While I’m here, is there any way to use the full 300 degree limit of the Sprite? Thanks for any help.

I swapped out the Longer X and Y stepper motors for the ones on the Ender and reloaded the original firmware I used. Much better, except on auto home the X was over to the right like all the way. I realized I had changed a setting for steps/mm in motion too high and reset it back to 80. This helped, but to get it centered that number will have to be lower. I still have some fine tuning to do with the firmware such as the probe offset, but things are looking good so far.

I entered -36.5 and -40 for the probe offset for the Sprite Pro, and the auto home appears to be close. The tramming wizard does not work though. It checks the left front and then goes no further, saying tolerances achieved. Now I can manually tram it and it goes to all 4 corners as it should. It seems like part of the firmware does not recognize the bed size is 300x300.

I had a problem with my bed leveling screws spinning on the bed so I have epoxied them in place. Waiting for it to cure now.

Gave up on this and bought a used CR-10.

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