Firmware Builder Error

I’m fairly new to this service. I paid to get credits and I attempt to build Marlin firmware but every time I have been given an error what should I do?

You need to enable the “Babystepping always available” option on the Bed Leveling tab.


Alright I enabled that setting now I’m getting this error.

This is interesting… There shouldn’t be this many errors on the default config…

What printer is this for?

Does it work if you make no changes and just hit the Build button?

I am using the Ender 5 Plus + SKR 3 configuration. The only thing I changed was the Hotend Type from the default to Micro Swiss Direct Drive Kit.

Give me some time to take a look at this and see what is going on…

Well, that was easier than I thought - and you found a long-standing bug in the builder code that I’m surprised that nobody had encountered sooner.

Give it a run now - it should work.

Works. Also, I’m kind of not surprised I’m always that guy that encounters stuff like this lol. Appreciate your help, thank you.