Firmware builder problem

I’m trying to compile the firmware for my ender 3 pro v4.2.2 with sprite extruder and bltouch. The compiling process reports a problem with the bltouch. Even though bltouch and bilinear leveling are selected, it reports that I need a bltouch to continue…

There looks to have been an issue - as the nightly failed as well… I’m waiting to see if tomorrows nightly also fails to know if this has been fixed or not…

It’s not fixed yet :cry:

I’ve tracked this down… For some reason, there’s been a custom define on the specific configs for v4.2.2 Ender 3 Pro files called //#define ENDER_3_PRO_BLTOUCH

This seems to do a number of changes and means the BLTOUCH won’t work without that being set, which also railroads you into using other options…

I’ve raised this as an issue, lets see what happens…

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PR to fix submitted here:

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The error has changed

This is likely a problem with the tramming options. Probably the manual tramming assistant.

It can be difficult to set these correctly with probe margins etc.

The easy fix? Disable the LCD Bed Tramming or Enable Assisted Tramming and see which one causes the problem.

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It worked. Assisted tramming was causing the issue. thanks!

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