Firmware for an Ender3Pro 4.2.7 board + Blt Touch AND Filament Sensor?

Can share the bin file for an Ender3Pro + 4.2.7 board + Blt touch + filament runout sensor or point me in the right direction, Most only have one or the either, as in the case of Creality.

I tried to make my own 3 times, and keep getting different issues each. I’m a novice to all this, and getting the file directly would be very very appreciated.

Thank you!

What type of filament sensor do you have?

If you have the motion type, it should work with the nightly firmware.

When you say motion type, is that the standard one? I have the one below.

Ah - it looks like that is the basic microswitch design. Honestly, I don’t like those ones as they won’t detect a clog or similar - only if you run out of filament.

It’s also much more complex to know how its configured - as its either going to be triggered HIGH or triggered LOW… It depends on the cable and the internal wiring.

If you use the firmware builder, you’ll see these options:

Screenshot from 2023-02-25 10-23-25

You can try it with the default, if that doesn’t work, switch it to the other option.