Firmware Request for Ender 5 Plus with Silent Mainboard V2.2.1/V2.2 with TMC2208 Drivers

I would like to request Firmware support for the Ender 5 Plus Silent Mainboard V2.2.1/V2.2 with TMC2208 Driver. Most people with an Ender 5 Plus will upgrade to the silent board as it makes a huge difference so having this as an opinion for your customers would be amazing as the Customer firmware builder doesn’t support this board either. Please help your loyal customer by adding this to your catalog of firmware! Thank you in advance.

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I second this. Everyone say’s to get the new board.

@Cordero808 When I install the 5+ firmware from here, my 5+ goes to WHITE SCREEN. I’ve tried the screen update, and nothing happens. I assume that may mean I already have the latest screen files. Any chance could nudge me toward success?

same problem. Im thinking its the display board