Fracture request - Cr10 Smart Pro

Would it be possible to add an option for a stock CR10 Smart Pro to the firmware builder please??


I have no idea what makes up that printer. Creality seem to be releasing a few ‘new’ printers every month or so now…

For things to be added to the builder, an initial config needs to be submitted here:

Currently, there’s no entry for a ‘CR10 Smart Pro’ - whatever combination of hardware has been thrown into it. As such, it can’t be added to the builder at this time - as whatever could be randomly tried will likely not work.

Thanks. Creality’s range is a dizzying combination of the same build chassis, hard to keep up with them. Here in the UK, their range is limited, they don’t even officially sell the CR10 Smart Pro.

It looks like another parts bin job that they’ve thrown most things they have at - newer type CR10 frame, Sprite high temp head, main board from an Ender 3 S1 pro, LED gantry light, standard run out sensor, PEI spring steel plate, reasonable LCD touchscreen and their WiFi box with a camera.

Really nice machine, takes a bit of attention setting it up - eccentric wheels, belts etc… really need looked at. The X gantry needs care too - I printed up spacers to make sure it was even. My WiFi box arrived bricked and i had to re blow the firmware which was a bit awkward. The LCD screen is very limited in what you’re allowed to calibrate - z offset is about it, cant even do an auto PID tune. PEI bed needed a very serious clean to get the best out of it. Well worth hot tightening the nozzle. The thermistor wires on the side of the head are very vulnerable and delicate - wrecked one with a hefty spaghetti incident already.

Yeah - we run into issues as soon people mention the touch screens.

They’re not supported at all within Marlin as yet.

There is a project to add them - but its a long process, and new revisions / versions of these screens seem to appear faster than they can be supported - even within the same line of printers.

That project is here: