Hi, I’ve had an interesting happening…

I’ve had an anomaly pop up and i kind need help figuring out what happened?

Can anybody explain how this happens??
And as I’m writing it happened again!

whats it doing? going past the bed?

It’s like it skipped almost the entire layer or maybe two layers. I’ve never seen this big of a gap before but the infill is still there. I don’t print fast and I checked the file in cura but I need to research more. Just thought I’d ask here

do you have the Z offset set?

Yes and leveled bed before I started. The print was really good until that point.

There’s a couple of things that could be happening here, your extruder is slipping, one of your stepper motors is skipping, or the motherboard is overheating causing the stepper driver to pause when it overheats.


Thanks I’ll be checking into those things! But it seems strange that was a long print (hopper for my shredder) it only happened in that area. But what your saying sounds logical. Thank you

Recheck cura, you may have to enlarge the viewing on that area, you may have to reslice it and reprint. I was having same issue, turn out to be a bad stl file.

Hey thanks to everyone. I lost my motherboard so I’m not printing for a while. Gotta save up to buy another BTT SKR E3 v3. I had a fan short out and nothing else works. I can see it in printerface but no fan movement, no hot end, and no bed. Got 24v but nothing responds.