I need help adjusting the manual home position (please help)

I’ve been using my Ender 3 V2 for about a year now and I have made many upgrades to it, I recently changed the hot end fan, and that changed where the extruder nozzle is located, I have tried for hours to edit the marlin code, but I can’t seem to get what I’m looking for. it’s either I can’t get the bltouch to work, or the screen looks weird, or there’s no level button. I can always get it to work with,

“Ender3 V2-4.2.7-TMC2225 Marlin_2.0.1-BL-Touch-V1.1.1(without adapter board)”

from Ender-3 V2 Firmware & Files – Creality 3D Printing Resources Forum (creality3dofficial.com) .

The only things I want changed from this is

#define NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET { -30, 3, 0 } and

#define MANUAL_X_HOME_POS -21

Please help!!

Check this out