I think an update is necessary to make the builder complete

So far, I am currently loving what you have done… But I have a request that I think everyone else here would also greatly appreciate:

So, I selected your Ender 3 Pro build, I love it…
But this is what I would like to see:
I can select that build, and customize certain parameters:
Things I should be able to customize are:
Bilinear or UBL
Grid, or Number of Probe points
Starting Bitmap, Status Bitmap, Etc.
Menu Names / Option names

You see, I tried using the builder to build my own custom firmware using UBL, with all the exact same options as the pre-made build for BLTouch, problem is it doesn’t work “the probe won’t go all the way to the bed, and just sits in the same spot going up and down instead of probing the 100 locations.”

It would be nice if I could take a pre-configured build I know is currently working, and make minor tweaks to personalize it for myself.

To be honest, I never had great results experimenting with UBL… As such, I don’t pay much attention to it - as bilinear does a good enough job imho.

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