Inclusion of Ender 2 and 2 Pro in firmware builder and E2-PRO with CR/BL Touch in nightly downloads

Currently there is no support within the Firmware Builder for either the Ender2 or, more importantly the Ender2-PRO models.

My board revision is 4.2.3, using a similar profile for an E3 and editing details to those of the E2-PRO isn’t possible as change details such as stepper motor controller types isn’t possible.

On the compiled firmware there is no support for the E2-PRO with either a BL or CR Touch there are versions for seemingly every other model with z sensors, but not the E2-PRO.

I look forward to discovering the arrival of these configurations soon.

Many thanks,


The Ender 2 Pro is now available in the Firmware Builder.

Many thanks for this.
Regards, DEB