Incorrect max X Position - Ender 3 V2 - v4.2.2 Board - BLTouch

In the current setup, the maximum X position is configured to be equal to the bed size. This setting appears to be creating issues with two functions: assisted bed tramming and the auto bed level routine.

For the auto bed level routine, the problematic setup results in the measurements being taken approximately 10cm from the right edge of the bed. This deviation is substantial and is causing me issues when printing at the edge.

In terms of the assisted bed tramming functionality, the system refuses to measure the top right and bottom right points of the bed. This issue also permeates the bed tramming wizard, where it simply omits the right side measurements.

While I am not sure of the exact max X position, I measured that it should be around 245mm.

This is correct. If you mount the probe on the left side of the nozzle, the print head cannot physically move far enough over to put the probe on the edge of the bed.

As such, bed levelling has to extrapolate to get a rough idea on what should be happening.

Yes but the print head is physically able to move farther it is simply set to not in firmware.

Currently it is limited to 225mm while it should be able to move to at least 235mm and by my measurements can reach 245mm.

I can physically move the print head to 245 manually and the printer is able to take it back from that position.