Is it possible to include the percentage complete of print done from the SD card of an Ender 3 with 4.2.2 with CR touch or BL touch

Older versions had this but on more newer versions it has been turned off, it is handy to see what percentage has been completed when printing from the SD card.

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I believe that this is done via the slicer and the M73 command.

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It is, but it doesn’t seem to work, at least not with the latest Ender 3 nightly + OctoPrint — sending the command manually through OctoPrint says “unknown command.” Is it maybe a command that only works while printing…?

I also attempted to use the m73 command in prusaslicer and it doesn’t appear to work in the 4.2.2 br touch build, no clue why.

Yeah, I just saw this in my Octoprint logs:

Send: N1327 M73 P56 R8*25
Recv: echo:Unknown command: "M73 P56 R8"

Edit: Marlin docs say this is LCD_SET_PROGRESS_MANUALLY – maybe that needs to be defined in the builds? Not sure if/how we can see the .h files that go into the firmwares to confirm?

Looking through the other builds, specifically for the SKR boards, it looks like the 4.2.2 boards most likely don’t support this feature. I assume they would have enabled it (like linear advance) if it would actually work.

Pardon if I’m being dense, but isn’t this a pure firmware feature with no board support needed? Slicer/host sends M73, firmware draws progress bar and remaining time, bingo bango.

The progress bar is drawn on the screen now, it just never does anything when printing from the host. The stock Creality firmware almost definitely showed progress when printing from SD, and I’d be shocked if that wasn’t just using the M73 code.

Sorry for the delay - I’ve been out of state and then trying to catch up on a few weeks worth of things - including requirement updates to build Marlin.

I’ve taken a quick look, and it does look like for whatever reason that option wasn’t enabled.

I’ve enabled it across the board - which should enable M73 etc again as of the latest builds - which are running again now after fixing the builders.

Give it a whirl with something datestamped 20220521 or later and see how you go…

Awesome, thanks! I’ll give it a shot once my latest prints are done running.