Issues with Ender3-V2-BLTouch-20220206.bin Build

Latest build for the Ender 3 V2 with CR Touch (BL Touch), when Bed Tramming “Front Right” and “Back Right” do not do anything. Also when trying to adjust Z-Offset with “Z Probe Wizard” , the probe does not move up or down when you turn the Display Dial, ie. cannot set Z-Offset. I was previously using “Ender3v2-422-BLTouch-20211121.bin”. All worked fine in this build. But I cannot revert to this build as I updated the Display Firmware (DWIN_SET) and the icons do not display with the older build. Now my printer cannot be used. Please help urgently.

This is a problem with the probe offset. The probe cannot move to the location requested, so it errors and doesn’t move.

If you reset your X / Y offset via M851 to X0 Y0, then it will work fine. Remember to restore your X / Y offset afterwards.

Thank you for the response. I assume I have to send the “M851 X0 Y0” command via the USB port from a terminal emulator (eg PUTTY), noting what the current offsets are. Then to restore the X/Y offsets, I do this via the printer terminal?

Hi, I actually used Cura to send the “M851 X0 Y0” command via the USB port. The probe offsets were zeroed. I then tried Bed Tramming (FRONT LEFT) and the probe went off the left edge. I then thought you meant to put the offsets back at this stage, before Bed Tramming. I did this via the printer display terminal. However, this just put things back and the the FRONT and BACK RIGHT tramming would not work again. I must be doing something wrong I guess. Please advise. Cheers

That makes a bit of sense now that I think about it…

I guess the current workaround would be to reset the probe offset before doing the right hand ones.

I know its a bit of a kludge, but that’s the only real options at the moment.