Layer shift with latest Ender 3 V2 firmware

I’ve been having horrible layer shift problems with the latest firmware (Ender 3 v2 4.2.2 board). I went back to the stock Creality firmware, and I am not having issues at all. Is it possible that something is wrong with the firmware. I tried adjusting builts, check stepper voltages, bed level… The only other thing I changed was updaing to the newest Cura, but using the same gcode with the creality firmware is printing great…

Where are you seeing layer shifts? From catching the print? Missed steps? On fast travel moves?

They seemed like missed steps. The layer shifts were in every direction. I print pretty slow, so I don’t think it was because of fast travel. I did hear the stepper motors clunk too. The strange thing is I just finished a 30 hour print with the creality firmware. No layer shifts. I didn’t change anything. I just printed the same gcode.

There’s a number of possibilities - the Creality firmware is quite conservative for the machine type.

There are known heat issues in the Ender 3 V2 - which is why you see a lot more cooling mods than others. There’s also a lot of people say that the v4.2.2 board gets hotter than the v4.2.7 one causing layer shifts.

If you can, try opening up where the mainboard is kept and have a small fan keeping airflow higher and see if it does still miss steps or give you layer shift. If so, it gives a direction on where to troubleshoot.