Load Builder profile from existing nightly build profiles

The Firmware Builder looks neat.
Since I don’t know all the options in my current firmware (ender 3v2, 4.2.7, bl-touch, runout), is there a way to import the existing settings for one of the nightly builds, and then I can modify as I want?


At the moment, no - it starts with the Default profile for the printer.

This is mainly because the nightly builds use a completely different build system - and the two aren’t compatible.

This is on my long term todo list to bring them both into the one build system - but I haven’t had the mental capacity to take that project on as yet hahah

Would it be possible to get a copy of the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h for the ender 3 v2 4.2.7 w/bltouch to so that I can replicate the build you are doing every night?
I download from here: Ender 3 V2 - v4.2.7 Board - BLTouch

Thanks in Advance…

As I mentioned, the .h files never make it out of the build process - so they can’t be copied out. It was an oversight in the design of the original build system.

That’s why eventually that build system will be replaced - however its a big job.

It should not be to bad of a job.
You have a web page that creates the custom build files obviously.
What is so hard about saving them, before triggering the build, then including them in the output?
And as for your comment here, the .h files never make it out of the build process. I am assuming that the build system has to access the header files in order to compile, correct? Why can’t you add a step to the make file to simply copy the header files into something like headerfile_build_id? Again, I am assuming that you have some automated script files to do the build. A slight modification to the script file to simply copy the headers for even the nightly build should not be difficult. Send me a PM if there is a way to do that, cause I can’t find out how to send you a pm.