M600 Filament Change option

I would like the ability to add this option when building my firmware. Can you add this?

If you add the filament run-out sensor when building the firmware that will add the change filamate options in the firmware. You will need to make sure you add M412 S0 to the Start G-Code if you do not have a filament sensor. This will disable the non-existant filament sensor.

There are 3 options under the enabling of the filament runout sensor:

  1. Motion Based Sensor (eg BTT Smart Filament Sensor)

  2. Use HIGH signal for out of filament

  3. Use LOW signal for out of filament

Does it matter which one I choose?

Yes - it needs to match the type of filament runout sensor you have.

If you don’t have one, and you’re just going to disable the sensor, then it doesn’t matter.

how do you add M412 S0 to the G-Code? Im a nubie

Add it to your slicers “Start G-Code”

ok thank you for the quick response