Need a setting for ender 3 max 4.2.2 bltouch firmware

I have an unusual problem with the new firmware. It installed correctly, I got the Z axis correction done so the nozzle height works OK but I am getting a weird effect, it prints correctly in straight lines but is making a real mess of curves. I am using a test piece that I know well that usually prints fine but with the new firmware, the curves are notchy and are making a mess of both inside and outside curves.

Everything else works fine, bed levelling is a lot better, the 25 point properly covers the bed size but the notchy stepping in the curves is wrecking the print.

Is there a seting that can correct this problem ?

Problem solved, I installed a later version and the defect did not occur.

183,300 Ender3-Max-v4.2.2-BLTouch-20221002.bin
183,060 Ender3-Max-v4.2.2-BLTouch-20221006.bin

The problem occurred in 20221002, 20221006 did not suffer from the defect.

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