Need help with firmware build


I’ve had my Lotmaxx Shark V2 for a long while now. Been through 2 mother boards.

I installed a BTT SKR MINI E3 V2.0 along with a BTT TFT35-E3 touch screen.

I had help with the firmware, everything works except the end stops/limit switches. I don’t use a BL touch, I can manually level faster and better.

Has all metal hot end so nozzle temp can be set to 350c and bed to 150c

No BL touch

235 x 235 x 265mm
I need some help building firmware that will make it work again. Please let me know if you can help.

I just need it to home using the limit switches.

I was told to use creality ender 3 for firmware, just change X, Y, and Z, temps, and the type of screen.

I’ve tried and tried and I can’t build it, it just errors.

I tried the Ender 3 firmware builder here, but it stll; has no end stops

Thanks in advance,