New Feature: Changelogs between nightly builds

To try and help people see what changes between nightly builds, there’s a new feature on the site that will show you the changes between the current build, and the previous nightly.

If you click on the blue ‘git commit’ image icon, you’ll see the changelog as follows:

Clicking it again will hide the changelog from view.

Great new feature! Now I won’t have to update unless something changes that makes a difference for me!!!

Mutually beneficial, helps me not make unhelpful upgrades, helps you by reducing the number of downloads and server traffic. :+1: :grinning:

Yeah - it also helps when there is an issue introduced in the bugfix-2.1.x branch - which can sometimes happen. Looking at the commits gives an idea as to when / if it would be fixed.

The down side is that you still have to check the changelogs over a period of time - as there’s no way to do a compare between older versions - so that’s best done via github.