Nightly for E3P 4.2.2 Board Bed Thermal Run Error

I was getting a thermal runaway error with the nightly. I checked all wires etc, couldn’t sort it. I did go in and “build a custom firmware” and just remove the PID tuning for the bed. The bed seemed fine, but it would stop heating at 10degrees lower than anything I set it for. Even if I tuned print settings during the print it would drop down 10 while printing and then cause the error. After removing the PID Tuning for the bed, it seemed to be fine. I do have the same firmware on a newer E3P and it’s chugging along just dandy… so figured I’d just mention it. See if it’s worth testing or changing in anyway.

Sounds very much like you need to run a PID tune for both bed and hotend. This is normally the case when these problems start.

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ah … ok … i’ll look into how to get that done. Thanks!