Notes on changes between successive builds?

I upgraded my Ender 3 V2 Stock tonight to Ender3-V2-Stock-20211019 and since my last update (beginning of September) there have been a bunch of new features added included that look really useful. Is there somewhere I should be looking to find the changes between successive builds ?
I can see that often the nightly builds don’t change in size at all, but when they do change, it would be good to have a few dot points on what was changed that resulted in a different file size.


There isn’t a specific changelog - however, the commit log may be useful:

Just realised that I should have posted this in the Marlin Firmware Service as it was specifically about those nightly builds and what new options have been included, not new Marlin versions or build in general.

The nightly builds track those changes - so given the day, the changes made are contained within that commit list.