Off to see the Wizard?


I’m new here and very grateful for this service. Thank you!!

I’ve been doing my level best to get BLtouch to work on my CR-10 S5, but it’s very challenging for me.

On the BLtouch FAQ page I was watching the Teaching Tech video about how to add and use the Probe Offset Wizard. At ~6:35 the instructor refers to a document called “configuration_adv.h” where one can set up the Wizard, but he doesn’t say where to find it. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much!

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David Normal

Actually, I found it:

However, I don’t know how to compile and flash the firmware as suggested. The video presumes some basic programming skills that I don’t have. I guess I’m learning a little bit now, but I’m just trying to get this set up so that I can get on with printing. Any guidance will greatly appreciated.

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Actually, I was able to put the probe offsets in via Pronterface. M851 for the offsets, and then M500 to save them. Somehow, I seem not to be able to save these commands via the printer’s control panel (not sure what I’m doing wrong . . . ), but have some luck with Pronterface. I’m managing to find answers to my questions on my own now that I’m at your website and using the resources here. Been off on a lot of wild goose chases in my effort to make BLtouch function correctly, but I think I’ve almost got it.