Pls add laser engraver Configs!

Please add laser engraver settings into firmware builder! Would make alot of people’s lives much easier!

and or anything else related. also is there anyway to add this or other custom code to my build or is it uncustomisable? thanks!

I’m curious? Which engraver? In which application? Maybe any other details?

It’s a sovol 40watt (5watt diode) and I’m just planning on using it for a bunch of stuff. Just a hobby :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to be honest - I have absolutely zero understanding of the laser functions of Marlin…

It looks like that would be pretty low on the priority list - just because there seems to be a lot involved, and I have none of the hardware to do any kind of sanity testing etc…

Is it a complete unit or you plan on adding it to a 3d printer? I’ve added the little 500 milliwatt to a small printer and it works okay for some stuff. I’ve bought a 10 watt that I’m building a frame for.
Im interested in the need for a marlin code?
If it’s possible to trade ideas here that might benefit both parties?
For the first unit I used marlin firmware downloaded and compiled in platformIO.
After I set up the printer I had in platformIO
I did some reading and found some of the features to turn on for a starter. That’s where I left off, I finished the project I started for my daughter and haven’t proceeded from there yet.
Now I don’t want to be stepping on forums bad side so would this conversation be acceptable to moderator??

Feel free to talk about it - as I said, I don’t have any real knowledge of using Marlin in a laser cutting / etcher / whatever…

If there turned out to be some standard, off the shelf kit that we could do a firmware for, then that’s great - but the problem then is how do you improve on what the manufacturer does?

There’s no real scope that I can see in my highly uneducated opinion to ‘make things better’ - but I’m always happy to be educated :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I have much at all to add to this but creality and many other well know brands have kits made for 3d printers to add. They work with stock firmware but the laser spindles settings adds PWM function to the laser diode instead of being on and off. It’s fair if you cannot add it but is there a way I could build firmware 9n here and make further changes myself? I really like what this service does and would hate to have to leave it to make the laser work properly :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi you ever get this to work?