Print starts in the middle and runs off the bed

Hey all!

I own an Ender 3 v2 with microswiss hotend and bltouch. When I got the printer a while back I was new to 3d printing and didnt use the bltouch. I got around manual bed leveling and it has served me well. The printer works fine and I get good results. However, I do want to get the bltouch to work and try a newer firmware (stock ender is behind by quite a bit and has some bugs still).

So, I installed it, I followed different guides, among the one here and on Smith3D. The stock ender firmware with bltouch support seems to work but it lacks a lot of features. I like the extra features the firmware here offers, or from Jyers, for example.

However, after flashing, I reset defaults, store, power cycle and configure some necessities. Z-offset, probe X/Y offset and I go through bad tramming, generating a bed level mesh. From this point on, everything seems to work, homing and XYZ movements through the printer menus. I add some required code in starting Gcode in my slicer to enable loading the mesh.

At this point, when I print a new sliced file from sd card, the printer homes, probes Z in the middle of the bed and then starts the print from the center and runs off the bed.

I tried other firmwares but they do the same thing. I have idea what is wrong or why this is happening.

Im hoping someone here does and can help me out.