Project to convert ender 3v2 into cr30 styled belt printer with unlimited z axis

hi guys im looking at a project build to take my ender 3v2 into a reconfigured cr30 styled printer to to print wings and fuselages for rc planes in on segment.

physically i have the machine all but built with a core x y setup x and y end stops and a inclined gantry at 45’ to a belt that would be the z axis, i would. like to us the creality crtouch to auto bed level along the x axis 3 or 5 places,

all key elements are taken from the ender 3, hot bed hot ebd and stepper motors, the bed belt is a cr30 version, ender 3v2 lcd screen, im new to marlin and would like some support in modifying the firmware to maximise the marlin options and recongifure to the new setup, using the stock creality board 4.2.2

the project im affectionatly calling enderbelt