Requesting BLtouch and CRsprite pro in Ender 3 firmware

I have an ender 3 with a 4.2.7 creality board.
BLTouch is using the probe ports and I have added the CR sprite extruder pro kit.
Unfortunately I can’t find a specific firmware for mine.
Firmware builder has no options to add them either.
Any help appreciated.

There is one, but it doesn’t quite work for me. I have the same setup as you, but Ender 3 Pro. Upgraded to the 4.2.7 board and installed Sprite Pro kit with CRTouch. I loaded the “Ender 3 - v4.2.7 Board - BLTouch” firmware and it’s almost perfect, but the bed size is set for 235 x 235 without taking into account that it is only able to print on 220 x 220 because of the X axis limitations so when I try to use the bed level program it tries to push the extruder off the bed and starts to grind. Tried using bed visualizer in Octoprint and it does the same thing and makes it look like the right side of my bed is just dropping off.

Is this only when you’re doing a G29 for bed levelling?

I’m not sure what the code is but it occurs when I either go to Motion → Bed Level on the printer panel or update mesh in Bed Visualizer. If I remember correctly in other firmware versions, it usually does a 16 or 20 pin test (4 points across the X axis at 4 or 5 points across the Y axis).

I’m currently running Ender3-v4.2.7-BLTouch-20230417 and it now has 25 points of testing (5 points across the X axis and 5 points across the Y axis) and it only happens at X = 235 Y = 0 and X = 235 Y = 235 but never for any of the X = 235 and mid-range Y axis points.

Just to confirm I ran a mesh update in the bed visualizer, watched in the terminal window and it did indeed send a “G29 T”