REQUST Custom build ender3 pro


ender 3 pro
micro swiss dd and hotend on linear rail.
probe is 47mm left of nozzle
probe is 10mm in front of nozzle
when at x,0 and y,0 nozzle is 12mm off front of the bed edge.
4.2.2 board
after auto hoe nozzle is 10m off bed
from front of x axis rail to nozzle tip is about 30mm.

i have lost alot of build area due to micro swiss


  1. probe at a grid of 3x3 not 5x5
    2, adjust for offsets.
  2. config files so things can be changed. if possible. when i print the purge line is 3mm from left side of bed, thats perfect.

Most of this can be done in the custom firmware builder.