Setting up Dual Z Homing or Auto Align with Dual Steppers and Dual Drivers using Dual Enstops?

Good Morning,

I have been looking for some direction on how to configure Marlin to do this but I am having difficulty finding where it is clearly spelled out.

Basically, I have a dual z printer with a BTT SKR PRO v1.2 and a BLTouch. I use auto align and auto bed leveling. When I auto align, the gantry gets adjusted to match the bed level. Sometimes, it makes some pronounced corrections. In my mind this puts stress on the whole system.

I would like to install an additional end stop on the second Z and home these first. Then level the bed and/or create a mesh. Ideally, I would like to have the Z axes always running at the same position relative to the homing endstops and then adjust the bed as needed. This dual z homing would also corrert for any untended movement of just one z axis while powered down.

Can anyone point me to where in get direction on how to do this?

Thanks you in advance,

Travis French