STM32 boards - Firmware builder failed with nothing in the error box

I tried twice to build a custom firmware and both times it failed with nothing in the error box. I have an ender 3 with skr mini e3 v2, bl touch, microswiss direct drive hot end. attached are the build id’s.

Likely this is due to a pending pull request to fix a problem with STM32 based boards:

It’ll likely work fine once this has been merged.

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Any idea on how long something like this takes?

It really depends on peoples workloads… It also broke the daily builds as well.

Hi, all configurations of the Ender 3 Max - 4.2.2 board fail to build. No errors thrown. Could you have a look at it?

I’ve merged this in with this thread… It’s the same problem across all STM32 based boards at the moment…

The Pull Request linked in this thread is the fix and needs to be accepted into Marlin before this error will be solved.

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