Strange background images / colors running latest Ender3 V2 BLT FW

First off, thanks for running this firmware building service! It’s super nice not to have to build it myself.

I downloaded and installed the latest build for Ender3 V2 with BLT (and 422 board), and mostly it works fine, but I’m seeing some odd background text / hilight colors on the screen.

I updated both the controller board firmware and the display firmware (and both went fine). I’ve got the DACAI display, btw, not the DWIN one.

It’s like I’m missing a background being applied to some text. Not a killer issue, but it’s bugging me:)


We’ve become aware that there is now a 3rd different option for hardware in the Ender 3 V2 screens…

If you can take a photo of the back of the screens PCB, it might offer some hints.

I’m not 100% sure we’re aware of all the unique problems for each screen type - but Creality certainly aren’t making it easy when they have 3 completely different screens that all look the same externally…

My Ender3V2 is brand new, looks like it was only made last month (based on the Mat Number on the box (1201020307).

My board looks like the DACAI version shown here - with the SD card slot below the ribbon cable, not above. How to update the display - mriscoc/Ender3V2S1 Wiki

Strangely, the “Professional Firmware” version works fine with my system (display and 4.2.2 board updated). All the icons work and the text looks as expected.


I spent the last 12 hours trying to fix my Ender3v2 with Gen2 / DACAI / F1C100s / LCD after updating it with the “” package with the “2022-06-10 00:33:16 UTC” build date. The initial “Creality” logo or background was constantly ghosted on the screen and all of my icons were missing. The boot screen was missing the loading progress bar too. I was finally able to resolve this by flashing the LCD with the mriscoc firmware from here:

That’s the approach I took as well, I think the mriscoc firmware might have better support for the new LCD module.

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Did you have the same issue, no icons, no progressing progress bar on boot up, and so on?

Have you guys tried the new MarlinUI builds?

It brings all of the functionality of Marlin to a normal Marlin based UI.

It isn’t as pretty - but every possible Marlin feature is available in the menus.