Support for the new Ender 3 s1 printer requested

I realize the printer is pretty new and that the board specs and source code may not be available yet. If the specs are not available, how long does it typically take for them to become so? The stock firmware is about as dull as can be, in addition to not allowing the bed to stay heated while levelling.

I’m also interested in any start/end gcode scripts as well as whatever profile configs may be floating around.

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks everyone

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It’s still in pre-order, so I doubt there’ll be much going on until people can get their hands on things…

I understand. I bought mine from Amazon. Haven’t been able to mess with it too much yet though. I’m happy to send any info(pics,docs) available to me if it helps with anything. Thanks.

I’m looking for a marlin updated build as well. These just hit the floor at microcenter this weekend so hopefully we’ll see more of them out in the wild.

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I too came here looking for a Marlin 2 build for the S1.

Same here. Just picked one up at microcenter.