Tft serial port enable on skr mini e3. v3

I have an ender 3z2 running the SKR Mini E3 V3 with BLtouch. I’m attempting to use a TFT 35 touch screen with the firmware downloaded from here. I think the issue I’m having is that I need to have serial port defined to -1 and serial port_2 defined as 0. Would it be possible to add this feature into a build, or could somebody point me in the correct direction to edit my firmware myself.

I’ve tested the TFT35 with the SKR Mini e3 v3.0 and it works fine.

It’s likely something else that is not firmware if this combination doesn’t work for you.

I think I’m having a serial port conflict when trying to print from cura via usb. I wanted to make sure the serial ports were configured properly to print from usb and use the tft35 usb ports

The TFT35 is a completely different unit to the mainboard. It only communicates via the TFT port on the mainboard. There is no USB connectivity between the mainboard and screen.

If you are trying the USB port on the screen, then that is local to the display board itself.

Thanks for your help. I’ll continue to debug and check my work for errors