TFT35 E3 V3.0 touch screen

Why does 3D printing involves compiling software - I’m a complete “no nothing”. Can I get firmware compiled for the TFT35 touch screen? Please

Hi. Which motherboard are you using? If that’s a BTT tft 3.5 I think it only works with a BTT board like the skr mini e3 v2 or 3. At least in precompiled firmware’s. Some more details would be really helpful

The firmware for the TFT35 screen itself is released directly by BTT here:

Sry, forgot. btt skr mini E3 V3.0 mb and display is the new tft35 E3 V3.01

The TFT35 V3.01uses the “clone” STM32F chip, the GigaDevice GD32 MCU series. I just returned a TFT35 E3 V3.01 to AMZ. I could not make the V3.01 work with my Ender 3 PRO with an mini E3 V1.2 mb. I could not get it to work with the MFS compiles or my own compiles. The tft35 v3.01 just refused to connect to the V1.2 mb.

I have an ‘original’ Ender 3 upgraded with a mini E3 v1.2 mb and tft35 V3.0, works fine with the MFS compiles. Switched seamlessly from my own compiles to the MFS compiles… SWEET!!!

Of course, YMMV, and good luck.

Mitch W4OA
Opelika, AL USA