Thermal Runaway Error after PID Tune


I’m having problems with thermal runaway errors on 3 of my printers. I tried PID Tune (M303) on one of them and after that the nozzle reaches to just one degree under whatever the setpoint is and then backs off. This triggers the thermal runaway safety and shuts the printer off since it never reaches the setpoint.

Any suggestions?



Yep - use Octoprint or Pronterface to connect to your printer via USB, then run:

M502 ; reset
M500 ; save

Then set up your printer again, and do a new PID tune, then save everything with a final M500.

I got it. I had done the PID Tune incorrectly (I didn’t enter the resulting PID values with the M301 command). I’ve been using Pronterface all along. Now I’ve done it properly and that resolved issues with two of the machines.

I’m still having problems with another two of the machines, but, at this point, I think that’s entirely hardware related. It’s been confusing to me since it’s hard for me to know where the problems come from. However, it seems the firmware is working just fine, and I really appreciate that.



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