Touchscreens supported in firmware builder

How likely is it that we could see the addition of various touchscreen options implemented in the firmware builder? More specifically Creality’s touchscreens

Not until the touchscreens are supported in Marlin.

There is a fork of Marlin that supports some of the Creality touchscreens available - but it has not been merged into Marlin as yet.

hi, I have an ender 3 pro with a touchscreen, and tried to upload firmware Ender3-v4.2.2-Stock-20221213 to it, [as well as others] the screen just hangs at the loading screen with the creality logo, has anyone any ideas?
thank you

ok so i put on the old screen and other firmware and it boots up, not sure about getting the touchscreen back yet

I am having the same issue I was able to find a firmware that worked but its does not seem to be the best as there is no options to set steps or anything. If you email me I can send you the firmware I am currently using.