Unable to DOnate

I am new and trying to donate to download firmware. When I click the donate button, nothing happens. I’ve tried several browsers and it happens on all of them. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to change the currency from AUD to US.

I do apologise - it looks like PayPal has been throwing errors lately when we talk to them.

I’ve added a bit of code to do some troubleshooting - but it seems to happen in random occurrences.

Annoyingly, as soon as I start looking at it, it seems to be working again :expressionless:

yep. appears to be working now. thanks!

Hello there,

Ive tried donating to your page but it seems to have stopped wotking again. Ive tried hitting the buttion but nothing happens i dont get to PayPal.

-Edit: It worked haha it really seems to be a random problem. :slight_smile:

I looked at this further today - added more debug and it seems like something with the PayPal side of the equation just died. Hard. As in I can’t even bring up details of the integration within the PayPal web site.

I recreated all the application integration stuff within PayPal and set that up again, and I haven’t been able to make it fail again yet.

Please let me know if people keep seeing this - as other than engaging with PayPal support, I think this is probably the better ‘fix’…

I am having the same issue. Donate button doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hahaha, started working after right after I posted this.

Unable to donate , 2022-07-11 20:40:00 -3T

Looks like yet another paypal auth problem. I’ve refreshed everything (yet again), and it should be functioning again now.

Still unable to donate, using Firefox on Windows 11;

I’ve done a bit of a sanity check - and made a couple of changes… Lets see if this fixes the problem… :expressionless:

Sadly, even PayPal support haven’t been helpful in this - as they don’t seem to be able to see any record of their server telling me to go away…

It’s annoying that it worked fine for a number of years too. Sorry for messing everyone around with this…

Thank You I’ve made my donation today …