Upload .hex files

Hey all.
I have two ender 3’s one with a 32 bit board running Marlin I got from this site.
The second one was running an 8 bit board. However the board croaked and so I upgraded to a 4.27 32bit board. Boy is that quiet.
Anyway I wanted to flash it with Marlin from this site again but it doesn’t upload the .hex file.
I can flash it with a .bin but .hex…doesn’t seemd to work.
Right now the machine is 2.0.6 marlin from Creality and well it’s not so great. The other machine I have uses Marlin as well and it’s really feature rich. I love it.
I want the same for this machine but so far no go.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try this one

or this one if you have a BLTouch

oh thats awesome thank you very much.
This should make a huge change.


Rename the file .bin instead of .hex. Renaming it will often work, but also make certain whatever the filename is, you never used it before on that printer. Creality has their firmware set up such that every file has to be completely uniquely named.

I installed this in an Ender 3 V2 with a v4.27 mainboard and a BL Touch device and only the Marlin software worked. The other flavor of firmware gave me errors about temperature that were specific to that particular firmware. ON the other hand, the Marlin firmware works perfectly…