What in the DL glitch matrix is going on?

Im new here. Love this place so far wow. Was able to get my SKR 1.2 Bl touch going without doing any coding with a xyz freeze issue. That for another topic. Why did this happen as soon as I bookmarked the skr 1.2 page? I wasn’t trying to download all of them. Im pretty tech savvy for the most part just lazy on editing the code and why Im here although I can but wow. Never had to end task firefox.exe to stop anything from downloading like some virus almost ever. Not saying it is. a bug not sure what happened. Got proof. Can this be fixed for my credits. Ill probably donate more no problem once my issues and all fixed and I keep updated. Well worth it but this makes me pause. Thanks for your time.

Wow - that’s entertaining. Certainly let me know if it happens again.

Custom credits only apply to the Firmware Builder - not nightly builds - so there’s no issue there.

I haven’t been able to spend much time on this project recently, my mother got diagnosed with cancer, went through surgery, has had an after-surgery scan, come back clear now - but still has to go through chemo - so I haven’t had much brain space on top of work + that to spend on printer stuff.

I’m glad the site helps you though - that’s all I ever wanted it to do - make life easier for people.

That ware the fw builds exactly? Nightly builds in a way? Ill be editing the fw myself as it was a 5 pin connector BL Touch to a SKT v1.2 board. Not sure if this was out “disable #define USE_ZMIN_PLUG – this is because it is not being used with their 5-pin probe.”. Maybe my issue maybe not. I ended up getting new wire with the 3 and 2 wires because Im lazy or Id solder them myself but no. XYZ locks. Ill look into it more in code. Something I barely do with 3d printing. More of a CGI with Blender, Maya, Zbrush, some python guy. I also have a FlashForge 3 pro I wish they would have with cura. There is ways but Im not going down that path they just suck. Prints great without issues for a while Ill give them that. Easy plug and play almost. Someday Im sure. On that note.
My dad passed from cancer right before chemo started. His and many other can progress faster than I ever thought. I was not only in denial but figured cancer last a long time before it takes you. Not to scare you. Things seem to being in right direction. Keep that positivity. No pitty for any of us that just life. Nothing wrong with sharing. I hope the best for you and your family. My thoughts are with you and them during this time. Focus on that more than any of this because I didnt and regret it (girlfriend stuff). She also passed. No pitty please but support or opinion always good even if ya disagree. Point is I will say oddly at think end of this post is get yourself some fun time here and there to breath and keep your mind busy with work, here or elsewhere. Take them small breaks. Code, Go out for dinner with friends or hell Ive done it myself, help people. Create a fundraiser, Patreon, Anonymity or not. There is support out there. Doesnt hurt to try so why the the F not. Look forward to this community of my 99% issues till I pro(Jk kinda). I went off and on because maybe I feel where you at in life so sorry for all We all dealing with Sht. To say what you said is not only balls but greatfull as another human as I didnt know unlike most places. Keep mind busy to a degree and care for others around you first. Ok Ill stop lol.