What's the most key point when you decide to get a 3d printer?

As the title said, what’s the key point when you want to get your first 3d printer? Speed or others?

I would say purpose and budget, expect print times to be relatively long on any printer, some are faster then others but if speed is your main goal 3d printing will be a big letdown lol. If you really like 3d printing you will end up wanting more printers, when I had 1 printer it really felt like I needed to plan what I was going to be tying up the printer with, now that I have 4 if I want to print a long print I don’t hesitate, microcenter runs a killer deal on the ender 3 pro if you have a store in your area, pretty much no printer in the hobby range is set it and forget it, you will have to tinker with all of them to get good prints, the enders and their clones will probably require a bit more then say a prusa or a bamboo but the price will be a lot less and the parts are readily available. If you want to print minis and high detailed smaller items go with a resin printer