Y axis print shifting

I installed the Marlin firmware and now my Y axis keeps shifting. Everything else seems perfect and it is very inconsistent. The y Axis belt is tight. Is this possibly a board voltage issue for the stepper? I have had a series of issues with this printer since I bought it. I have gotten some VERY nice print outs of large camera cases, but typically it lasts for one printout. Other odd things was the Hotend slamming into the board when calibrating or on its own. I had BL touch and switched recently to CR touch to see if that would resolve the issue. I have only had one occasion when it acted up when calibrating since switching.

Jyers - 2.0.

Board - V4.2.2

See the attached printout. Notice the oblong holes and shifting left to right on the print out on the Y Axis. The X and Y aspects are perfect. This happens every time now after the firmware update.

Another pic