CR Touch & BL Touch

I’ve got an Ender 3 Pro. Firstly, I don’t see the Pro listed specifically, so I had to select the 4.2.2 Ender 3 option. I found out additionally, the Pro now has two different chips. One is 512k(which mine has) and a 256k. These are found by physically reading the chip.

So is the 3 Pro included under this option & does the firmware accommodate both chips?

My second question, are the CR Touch & BL Touch equally supported by the firmware on your site? I want to get the CR Touch, & I want to make sure it’ll be fully supported.

Thank you for your time.

As far as the firmware is concerned, the Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro are the same printer.

As are the CRTouch and BLTouch - they both operate exactly the same.

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So I’ve got my CR touch installed on my Ender 3 Pro 4.2.2. board. It won’t take any of the new firmware I try to upload to it via MicroSD.


Start with the Ender 3 V2 FAQ and go from there.

Not helpful, but thanks. Just found out my board has not taken any firmware updates I’ve tried since loading Marlin bugfix-2.1.x

Most problems here are due to preparation of the SD Card - which the FAQ mentions in depth.