Custom Builder - Ender 3 4.2.2 with BL touch

When downloading a premade FW all works good, but if I build the firmware using the FW builder, the printer doesn’t home at the right place and the probing is all off. Also show ender 3 Pro on my screen.

Why is the whole bed ‘‘off’’ ?

You need to set the probe offset correctly.

In raw g-code, its the M851 command.

I’m using the Firmware builder, I don’t see that option ?
I’m new to this custom FW thing thats why I thought that FW builder would resolve my issues.
I downloaded a pre compile FW for now but would love to make it work with the custom FW builder from


Its easier just to use the M851 command as @CRCinAU mentioned as firmware builder is a blank carpet so to speak where creality’s firmware they have already done this for you. it’s around -44mm offset for a stock hotend (measure to be accurate) so command is simple M851 X-44 hit send then m500 to save it (Via terminal/ pronterface or what you use.