Ender pro 3 btt skr v2 with tft 70

I am updating my ender 3 pro with skr v2 ,tft 70 screen and need firmware to match it has 2209 steppers and bltouch everthing else is standard to endr 3 pro there is no option in builder as the skr v2 is a new boaed

If you are talking about this mainboard:

Then this firmware should be fine:

no this board

I can’t find this board on the BTT web site.

Right now, the builder won’t be able to do firmware for these, as I’ve been struggling with the concept of implementing re-assignable stepper drivers in an automated, progmatic manner.

Once this is done, it’ll be the final part of a complete overhaul of the Firmware Builder. I don’t haven an ETA on this as yet though.

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Im looking at the same board now. I love the overhaul on the firmware builder and gladly pay for it!

Any updates on when the SKR 2 will be supported? I would love to get this set up…

Thanks for the comments on the builder updates - my weakness is certainly UI design - so this is one of the most complex things I’ve ever designed hahahah

I don’t have any access to hardware that has swapable steppers - ie sockets instead of soldered on. I’m not exactly sure how this would work progmatically - and how they would be assigned for different functions. On that part, I just haven’t been able to wrap my brain around how to achieve that.

As such, its been pushed further and further back in the “yeah, that’d be nice” queue :laughing:

UI- in my option doesnt need to be pretty just work :slight_smile: I do love the update!

what about, for the different stepper sockets, having a drop down for either the TMC2208 or TMC2209 steppers (current two options for them on their website). For the first 4 steppers keep them as the standard like the SKR mini e3 (x,y,z and extruder). The 5th stepper have for a default second extruder? Most everything else would then stay the same.

Just a thought.