Runout Sensor Ender 3 Max BL

I have installed the latest firmware for the Ender 3 Max 4.2.2 BL, and the runout sensor does not work. If M412 S1, it will trigger even if the filament is in. It’s almost like a M600

I tested with M119 and it goes from open to TRIGGERED, but nothing happens :frowning:

the firmware seems to be configured to use a smart runout sensor instead of the stock one, for some reason

I don’t have access to an Ender 3 Max - what type of filament sensor do they ship with? Or is this an aftermarket addon?

Good question… It’s not an aftermarket.

Any way I can help you with this?

In a roundabout way, I managed to find a complaint that the microswitch can cause problems - therefore its probably safe to assume that I made the error in thinking that the Ender 3 Max has a motion based sensor when it doesn’t…

I’ve disabled the option to configure it as a motion sensor, so builds from 20211003 should be pre-configured for the correct type of filament sensor…

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Thats great… I will test it as soon as I can get it :slight_smile:

Thanks, Eric

Ok, back home to test the latest :slight_smile:

We are on the correct path :slight_smile: It will trigger a fillament change if the fillament is in the sensor :frowning:

It needs to be reversed.

Ok - updated and should be set in the next build run which starts in ~20 minutes and takes about half an hour to run…

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Bingo !!! It’s working perfectly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great support

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